Sports Performance Hypnosis Your Secret Weapon for Great Baseball Batting

With this information and using the power of each of these players’ minds we constructed new batters. Activated at key points in your game, these triggers instill in you a deep sense of calm and concentration so you can stay focused before you swing for the ball, free from tense muscles or match day nerves.

Doylestown, PA, May 30, 2011, Baseball players of all skill levels need razor sharp concentration when stepping up to bat. Discover the secret of the professionals and achieve your peak performance in baseball with sports performance hypnosis.. Even more damaging than personal problems are the underlying fears that bubble beneath the surface of your consciousness – fear of failure, injury, defeat, the pressure of performing for your team – many baseball players are carrying around a huge weight on their shoulders of psychological baggage each time they play.  It’s no wonder their performance suffers.

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Don’t let fear distract you from playing your best. The team improved by 13%. As a result the individual players saw an increase in hits from 4% to 35%. It arms you with razor sharp concentration, mental resilience and boundless self-belief so that you can hit the ball with confidence, knowing that you’re performing the best for yourself and your team every time you play.

Sports performance hypnosis trains the unconscious mind to recognize a series of “triggers.” These can be something as simple as a color or a small gesture, which your unconscious mind instantly recognizes and associates with feelings of calm and positivism. We began to identify what they had done unconsciously during that time when they were batting so well. The net result was more runs; more runs mean more opportunities to win!

Sports performance hypnosis revolutionizes your game by completely blocking performance anxiety, stress and nerves at an unconscious level. The trouble is there are so many things that distract you from your game, hindering your performance and undermining your confidence without you even realizing it.  Whether its financial problems, relationship issues or trouble at work, you can’t expect to play at your peak performance if your mind is not 100% focused on every move you make as you get ready to swing for the ball. These new batters had razor sharp focus and confidence. And call me today at Philly Hypnosis, 1-877-557-7409, for your free consultation.

Todd Stofka, CH, MHNLP, reports: I was recently hired by a baseball team to see if sports hypnosis could improve the team’s batting. As we started working together, we talked about the “glory days” when they could not help but hit every pitch

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