How I Made a Fortune at Blackjack…

Using a 4-deck shoe of cards, Multiplayer Blackjack encourages optimal strategic play and card-counting – good players tend to do very well.

Here’s the hot site we found recently – if you can’t beat the house at blackjack but think you’re better than the average player, then try out your blackjack skills at, a skill gaming site.

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Colin, a 42-year-old fanatic blackjack player from South London, found the site looking for his favourite game. This is exactly the game serious blackjack players want – no one else actually offers this game online. Then, starting with an imaginary chip stack of US$1,000 the objective is to build it higher than your opponent over five, ten or forty rounds of cards. Playing live head-to-head, I can count cards, raise my bets at will, defend my stack and outmanoeuvre my opponent. All rights reserved.

When you’re 300 chips behind going into the final hand, staking strategies are guaranteed to tax your brain and perfect strategy goes out the window! We look forward to Colin’s “How I made a Fortune” book next year!

So how does it work? At stake is a wager ranging from GBP1 to GBP500 (or other currencies). Hot on the heels of the poker revolution, person-to-person blackjack is the latest money-spinner. Sadly, whilst the “How I made a fortune” books continue to sell, the loopholes they exploited have since been closed and casino blackjack rules aren’t what they used to be. In a couple of months, I’ve built over GBP2,000 in winnings taking money off the more casual players.”. Better yet: it doesn’t sound as though the loophole will be closed any time soon…

Copyright 2007 Gale, Cengage Learning. Removing this vested interest means there’s no risk of the loophole closing soon! In this great twist on the casino classic, players compete live against each other, not the ‘house’, to outplay their opponent in real-time multiplayer tournaments.

Person to person Blackjack at has also won an eGaming Award for the most innovative gaming product of 2006 – not sure of the criteria they used to judge this but it doesn’t sound bad when competing with the world’s top casino and gaming sites.

Yeah Yeah, you’ve Heard That one Before, but Here’s an Award-Winning Multiplayer Game That Really Does Sort the Men From the Boys

LONDON, April 11 /PRNewswire/ — You must have heard about egghead mathematicians taking out casinos a few years ago with their optimum-play blackjack strategies. The idea is that you outwit a live opponent in a thrilling game of skill where the house has no interest in who wins. But apparently, there’s a new way to make money playing casino games. “I have finally found a home

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