Place your bets at Monmouth Park? A lot less did this year

The tracks in the Mid-Atlantic region need to figure out a way to share the horse colony.”

Sports betting also has been strongly opposed by the four major professional sports leagues and the NCAA, who feel it would damage the integrity of the games and lead to a higher incidence of game-fixing.

Monmouth Park also has been very involved in efforts to bring legal sports betting to New Jersey. But on-track handle fell to $1,519,687 this season, a decrease of 32.8 percent.

Monmouth Park held live racing from Saturday through Monday and again hosted the Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival this year, but attendance was down to approximately 42,000.

“There’s a horse shortage; all tracks are suffering the same things we are right now,” Drazin said. (AP) — It was a rough Memorial Day weekend for Monmouth Park.. “The future is a circuit where we’re not all running against each other and all the tracks are better off. But the state’s efforts have been stymied by a 1992 federal law that restricted sports betting to Nevada, the only state to allow betting on individual games, and three others that had approved limited multigame parlay pools.

The Asbury Park Press reports ( that attendance and wagering were down big at the Oceanport racetrack over the three-day holiday weekend compared to last year.

Bettors wagered $2,264,176 at the track last year. The track held a similar 58-day meet last year.

OCEANPORT, N.J. That’s down from more than $15 million last year.

Monmouth Park adviser Dennis Drazin says the decision not to allow a casino there and a shortage of horses in the Mid-Atlantic region is hurting the track, which is hosting a 57-day meet this year with live racing held on weekends and holidays. Last year, attendance was more than 60,000.

Attendance and betting have fallen at New Jersey’s racetracks in recent years, and many officials and some lawmakers have strongly supported calls to add casinos and other expanded gambling opportunities.

With Monmouth Park getting around 20 cents on every dollar wagered on-site, that means the track saw about $149,000 less in revenue this year.

There was $7,752,605 bet on races at Monmouth Park from bettors across the country this year

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U.S. court nixes request for rehearing on sports betting | Reuters

“We realize that it is rare that the Third

Circuit will hear cases with all 12 active judges, but this was

an important issue for the state of Delaware and we thought the

state should have a chance to make its case at trial.”

A 1992 federal law known as PASPA prohibits betting on

sports, although that law was grandfathered in Delaware,

Oregon, Montana and Nevada, and allowed them to offer such

wagering if it was limited to plans the states had operated

between 1976 and 1990.

The case is In re Office of the Commissioner of Baseball,

et al v. Supreme Court to take the case,

but Markell spokesman Joe Ragolsky said that was unlikely.

The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, also

joined the complaint by the leagues.

CHICAGO, Sept 29 Delaware’s appeal of a ruling

that its plan to allow betting on professional sports violates

a federal ban will not be heard, a federal court ruled on

Tuesday.. Jack Markell’s legal counsel,

said in a statement. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in court

documents signed by Judge Thomas Hardiman, denied the request

for a rehearing before the larger court.

The North American professional leagues for baseball,

basketball, football and hockey filed suit to block the state’s

plan, arguing it violated federal law and that it might taint

their sports with accusations of cheating.

“It is important to remember that the NFL tried to shut

down Delaware’s sports lottery entirely, but today Delaware has

the only legal sports wagering east of the Rocky Mountains,”

Barlow said of the parlay betting. Jack Markell, et al, U.S. Third Circuit Court of

Appeals, No. The court opinion agreed with the leagues that

Delaware was generally limited to what it offered in 1976, when

it allowed gamblers to bet on winners of several NFL games.

The state can offer parlay bets — which depend on the

outcome of several matches — on National Football League


Delaware had planned to allow point-spread bets on

individual games in all major sports from three racetrack


“Obviously, we are disappointed with today’s ruling,

Michael Barlow, Delaware Gov. “The sports lottery has

already — in three weeks — had more wagered than the entire

1976 Delaware sports lottery season.”

Markell signed the betting law in May, saying at the time

it would bring in $50 million and help close the state’s budget

shortfall, which for fiscal 2010 has been estimated at $800


Delaware offered parlay bets on NFL games for a few months

in 1976. The U.S. 09-3297.

(Reporting by Ben Klayman, editing by Maureen Bavdek)

Hardiman was one of the three judges who ruled unanimously

in August that Delaware’s plan violated federal law.

Delaware could ask the U.S