Epic Hermit Crab Migration Captured on Camera

It’s something you have to see to believe. I’ve never been able to see it or know when it happens,” said Simonsen, who plans to study the creature’s migrations, moon phases, tides and stake out beaches next August to see the phenomenon again.

“Crabs were crawling over my feet, arms, cameras. I didn’t need to hear anymore, I loaded my car with cameras and was out the door,” Simonsen wrote on his Vimeo page, where the video was first posted.

Simonsen, who specializes in underwater and nature films, was summoned by a friend, author Pam Gaffin, to the beach at Nanny Point to document the spectacular sight. The crustaceans travel to the beach, leave their shells and enter the water to lay eggs, according to Smithosianmag.com. John in the U.S. John know this happens in August. “What I found out that the crabs were not interested at all in pinching. “I was freaked out.”

Hermit crabs, also known as soldier crabs, are found throughout the Caribbean islands and take part in a great migration en masse annually in August to mate. Virgin Islands is overtaken by a millions of hermit crabs during the crustacean’s mass migration, turning the sandy shore into a sea of clattering shells and legs.

Simonsen arrived at 10 am and joined Gaffin, who was snorkeling in the water.

Simonsen is working on a project filming leatherback sea turtles that nest on St. After spending two minutes in the water, Simonsen said the crabs turn around, return to land and make their way home.

Veteran videographer Steve Simonsen, who captured the phenomenon last week in a video that is going viral online, said he was covered with crabs in the shooting process.. I had to pick my way through,” he said. They were on a mission.”

“[Gaffin] told me … after hearing the crabs rustling in the underbrush the night before in a mass exodus to the beach.

“People who live on St. Or if a crab or four or five where on it, I had to brush the crabs off with my foot. They crawled right into the lens hood,” Simonsen said. Croix.

“You couldn’t walk …you had to pick out high rocks that no crabs were on. Gaffin had been there since 6 a.m. there were millions and millions of them …she likened it to the migrations of Serengeti. A beach on the island of St

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