British Sterling Silver Hallmarks

Ask if there are any deep scratches or dents in the silver, broken hinges, detached handles, etc.

- Always ask the seller for a picture of the hallmarks, if one is not shown on the listing.. This includes words like: Colonial, Victorian, Edwardian, and Modern.

- Ask questions about the condition. eBay sellers are notorious for giving very few details in their descriptions sometimes. Coin silver is still considered “solid” silver, but the actual silver content is lower, anywhere from 800 – 900 parts per 1000, instead of sterling’s 925. Terms to know and questions to ask.

- Solid Silver – Often used by International Sellers in place of “Sterling”. Find English Sterling Silver at various place.; local antiques shops and auction houses, estate sales, or onlin at eBay, RubyLane or other antiques websites. Ask the seller questions if you aren’t sure.

- Era – English silver is often listed by the era it was produced in. Always ask if the description is sparse. Be careful though, as sometimes this means that the silver content is NOT sterling, but coin silver. Read the description carefully

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