ADVISORY/Athletes and Sports Gambling the Focus of Drexel Symposium.

- 4 p.m., Thursday, Oct.


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This symposium will bring together experts from the legal,

academic and athletic communities to discuss and explore ways of

eradicating criminal and unethical elements that may impact on the

integrity of an athletic program or sport. 1, 1998

Where: Grand Hall of Drexels Creese Student Center,

32nd and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia.

Who: Speakers in the symposium include:

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include athletic directors, coaches, and academic administrators.

Drexel is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the NCAS, a

consortium of 140-member institutions that assist collegiate and

professional athletes to complete their studies and works with young

people through community service.

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Bill Curry, ESPN commentator and former football

coach at the University of Alabama, Kentucky

and Georgia Tech, and COO of the NCAS.

Charlie Rosen, Inside Sports columnist and author

of Barney Polans Game, a fictional account

of the 1951 New York City College basketball scandal.

Bill Saum, NCAA special representative for gaming

and gambling in collegiate athletics.

Dan Gentile, special agent and police training

coordinator for the FBI.


What: From office football pools to off-track betting to sports

lotteries, sports gambling has mushroomed in todays society.

But what happens when the gamblers are the athletes

themselves? The National Consortium for Academics and Sports

(NCAS) and Drexel University will co-sponsor a day-long

symposium addressing the issues of sports gambling among

athletes and athletic professionals.

When: 10 a.m

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