Las Vegas a sure bet for sports fans

I just wish more money came home with me. You see just about every team jersey represented by fans either just wanting to watch their team, or place bets on multiple games throughout the day. There are many sports themed restaurants and bars like LaGasse Stadium inside the Palazzo Hotel and Casino for example. The only catch, places like LaGasse Stadium charge a fee to watch games at certain times like NFL Sundays and that doesn’t include food or drink. I spent the morning through the end of the 1:00 p.m. No, I was not up early enough for kickoff and I wasn’t pulling an all nighter after waking up early on Saturday for my flight. Hopefully, I can cross that off my Las Vegas to do bucket list next year. games to everyone back here in the Eastern time zone, at the Sports book at Bally’s hotel and casino. If you have the money, it may be worth it to spend an entire day at a high end sports bar, but someone like me who is visiting Vegas on a budget, I’ll gladly spend my money there in other ways and watch the games somewhere else that charge an admission price.

Anyways, it’s fun to spend a football weekend on the Las Vegas strip, no matter what team you are a fan of. I did not and I’m glad I didn’t contact a friend who lives there to put a bet for me before kickoff. I just spent the last five days in Las Vegas. Since the first game of the day was the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets game from London, England, gametime was at 6:30 a.m. I was up by halftime, but I talked with some Dolphins and Jets fans who were up, or never went to bed, and didn’t miss one second of the game.

Bally’s happens to be one of my favorite places to watch football on an NFL Sunday in Las Vegas. Their sports book has five movie screens that cover the length of the sports book, each one airing a different game. If I did, my trip would already be off to bad start financially and I have not touched down at McCarren Airport yet.

This past Sunday, October 4 was a rare NFL Sunday in Las Vegas. It’s one of the bigger sports books along the Las Vegas strip and it is very popular among average sports fans who like myself don’t want to spend big bucks just to watch football.

It’s hard to believe that a city that doesn’t have a professional sports team would be a terrific vacation destination for sports fans, but ‘Sin City’ could also be called sports paradise. Well I guess the old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is true when it comes to my hard earned money.

There are so many places to enjoy a sporting event all around Las Vegas, not just on the strip. You can sit in one of ther many sports books inside any of the casino both on the strip or downtown.. Las Vegas time. I hoped to arrive in time to place a bet on the Buckeyes game against the Indiana Hoosiers. You can be cheering with fans watching a big play happening on screen number one and arguing with the officials over a missed called on screen four at the same time. Kickoff of gameday is always earlier in the western timezone, but not usually at the crack of dawn. slate of games, 4:00 p.m. normally in Las Vegas, and yes I had my seat to watch a bunch of games that involved teams I have no rooting interest in except for fantasy football and monetary reasons. Right across the way from the Bally’s sports book is a food court that offers a variety of football food options for a decent price considering it’s inside a Las Vegas casino.

I can’t say I have even been there for Super Bowl weekend or the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, but a buddy of mine who lives in Las Vegas says it’s two of the best weekends of the entire year out there. My trip began last Saturday, October 3. I won’t place any bets on that one though.

NFL football kicks off at 10:00 a.m

Fishing tourneys, Hawaii’s legalized gambling?

Again like the gamblers hand of cards, it is time for the fisherman to put his catch up for weighing and judging – to finally show what hes got.

Miller was able to draw a very logical comparison between gambling and fishing at the HIBT although its a tournament that awards nothing more than trophies to its winners.

Dr. Marc Miller, a cultural anthropologist and professor at the University of Washington, once theorized that there are four phases of tournament fishing that correspond to those found in gambling, this after studying anglers at the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament. It only ends when the stop fishing signal is ordered.

Imagine how much more valid the comparison would have been had he studied the participants in any of Hawaiis larger jackpot tournaments where anglers vie for a split of their combined entry fees and side bets.

After boating the winning fish at last years Big Island Marlin Tourney the jackpot paid out nearly $135,000 to the winning boat.

Miller called the first phase squaring off, which begins when the anglers board their boat, choose their tackle and the area they intend to fish, and go steaming off to the grounds. That would seem to provide pretty strong evidence that there is legalized gambling in Hawaii. Like the gamblers blackjack table, this is where the action is. Still, there was at least one study done a number of years ago that pointed out many similarities between gambling and fishing tournaments, so perhaps our state isnt totally free of games of chance after all.

As Hawaiis Legislature is currently in session, there is still a chance its lawmakers will pass a bill for some sort of legalized gambling here, but dont bet on it (no pun intended).

Finally comes the settlement phase of tournament fishing when the anglers score is posted and the results are compared with the other fishermen in the contest, rather like when the gambler must settle up with the dealer.

The second is the determination phase, Miller noted. The angler is fishing and fate is in charge. It is rather like the gambler with a handful of chips checking out the gaming tables, he noted, but it abruptly ends when the lines hit the water..

Then the angler enters the third phase the disclosure – when the fishing is over

Casino-Gaming :: Download Terry Fisher Lotto System PDF!

So many players have started playing non-calendar numbers that even if you win chances are that you will have to share the winnings with other players. You will learn some strategies that work for the lottery.. The numbers 1 to 31 are simply more popular than non-calendar numbers.

However, a good majority of players have woken up to this trick of choosing numbers above the calendar numbers, so, do not put your eggs all in one basket, that is, do not select all higher numbers than the calendar ones. This will give you greater variety with more chances of hitting the jackpot alone!

No doubt, you also harbor dreams of turning into a millionaire overnight with some terrific lottery strategy but, if only wishes were horses and one could fly! Still, there is no harm in actually giving some strategies a shot to up your chances of hitting the jackpot and preventing your dreams from turning into dust! After all, ‘no venture, no gain’!

The most common lottery strategy is to choose numbers based on your own birthday, anniversary day or any date which has a special meaning for you. Don’t fool yourself and be overly sentimental. So-called lucky dates have nothing to do with your luck and you will be better off if you decide on a number based on some sound calculations.

Choose at least two numbers within the calendar range. So, play it safe and mix up the numbers a bit.

If you want a lottery winning strategy, then read this. The logic behind such selection being that since good things have happened to you on that particular date, it will continue to happen so and you will win the lottery.

Playing numbers above 31 is one way of maximizing your chances of winning the lottery since most players still like to play it safe and choose their lucky numbers which is inevitably a calendar number

12 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Gambling Addiction

Despite being aware of the serious negative consequences, or despite having a strong desire to quit, he cannot stop himself from gambling. Here are some useful tips regarding lifestyle changes to get rid of a gambling addiction.

‘Problem gambling’, also known as ‘ludo mania’, can destroy the life of the gambler and also of his/her family members. As he spends more gambling, he requires more money to recover his losses. He lies to his family and friends, borrows money, and loses control over his mind and behavior. When a gambler with severe ludo mania meets certain criteria, the condition is diagnosed as ‘clinical pathological gambling’. But studies show that suicide attempts are usually made by older people with problem gambling. Study results show that a gambler who has not been treated for compulsive gambling during his desperation phase is likely to commit suicide. Addiction to gambling at a young age increases the risk of suicide. There are chances that he has other psychiatric problems at the same time; for example, substance use disorder, mood and anxiety disorder, personality disorder, etc. Gambling addiction is referred to as ‘compulsive gambling’ or ‘impulse-control disorder’, where the behavior of the gambler is similar to that of a person who has substance addiction.

When an individual realizes that gambling is destroying his family and social life, he thinks of quitting, but in just a few hours or within a couple of days, he is again found in a gaming zone or casino. Researchers have noticed increased rates of mental health disorders in gamblers with severe ludo mania. He may lose his job and may commit crimes to get money for gambling. To experience the same excitement, he needs larger wagers or more frequent gambling.. Analysis of casino customer data may help identify problem gamblers, but casino owners do not share this data for fear of losing their most lucrative customers (may be 25 – 50%)

Playing the Odds – CBS News


Watch Lesley Stahl’s report.

With The New York Times reporting that Americans drop more than $1 billion a day into slot machines, “60 Minutes Overtime” decided to ask addiction expert Dr. What we learned was eye-opening. All Rights Reserved.

For the vast majority of adults, casino gambling is a perfectly safe and enjoyable hobby. Petros Levounis about what’s happening in the brains of gamblers. Be aware, your brain is not always your best friend when it comes to playing the odds!

2011 CBS Interactive Inc. But two to three percent of gamblers will develop a gambling problem. And, as Lesley Stahl reported this week on the “60 Minutes” broadcast, the increased speed of modern slot machines can make players more vulnerable to gambling addiction

Online Casino – The New Trend in Gambling Industry

It is place where different games are set up for the people who come there to gamble. Every man and women gambles for their own reasons. The function of such casino is same as the ordinary casino is that all the gambling and money waging is done online that is on the internet. There are some lower risks for people who dont play often as stakes are often low.

Author’s Bio:

Play your favorite online casino games today with the best casino bonus online.

. Online Casino is also known by names of virtual casino or internet casino. The only advantage of gambling in an Online Casino is that it provides convenience to the user and also saving some time and money. As this casino became more and more popular, more people used to come thus creating shortage of space so a new era begun in the world of gambling which is now to known as Online Casino. Some rich men gamble just for sake of fun and some gamble to get more money. It is a complete win or loses game and the place we gamble in are called Casino. Online casino is surely a great way to save your time and energy that you would need to go to any casino.

Although many people find it much amusing and Online Casino has become the part of their hobbies and because of this more than 4 million people play in such casinos every week. Same games played in these casinos are slot machine games, random number, poker, blackjack and many more.

Gambling has been part of cultures since centauries. The most important aspect is that there is a great deal of risk involved in it. It is quite common word now. The advantage of this online casino is that one can play every type of casino game from the convenience of his home. Such as betting in sports, playing cards game such as pokers. Mostly the people gamble for the sake of money because in many parts of the world, unemployment ratio is very high and the men dont know how to feed their families so gambling is their only choice

Chicago finds new tax stream: Netflix, Spotify, online gambling

Chicago’s finance department made the ruling last month, amending the established amusement tax to include “electronically delivered amusements.” That includes streaming music, movies and television.

The change took effect on Wednesday, and it will apply to those with Chicago billing addresses. It also includes online gaming. According to multiple media reports, the city expects the change to generate an extra $12 million each year.

CNNMoney (New York) First published July 2, 2015: 2:51 PM ET


More than two dozen states already charge sales tax on digital services.

Chicago has expanded its taxing power to extend to streaming services. The city’s residents will now pay an extra 9% tax to use services such as Netflix and Spotify

Chances of Republican brokered convention up since Super Tuesday: PredictIt | Reuters

8 election.

That means that Trump might fall short of the majority required, enabling the party’s establishment to put forward another name at the July convention in Cleveland to formally pick its candidate.

Meanwhile, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency fell to 4/9 from 8/15. That increases her probability of winning to 69 percent from 65 percent following Tuesday’s primary victories in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina. Those wins cast doubt on U.S. That was up from 35 percent on March 2, the day after Trump won contests in seven out of 11 states, according to the website, which is run by Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

The billionaire New York businessman has emerged as the clear leader in the Republican race. That gives him a 29 percent probability of winning, down from 33 percent.

According to PredictIt, the probability of a brokered convention stood at 43 percent as of midday on Wednesday, following primaries in five states, including Florida and Illinois, the previous night. Senator Bernie Sanders’ ability to overtake her for the Democratic Party’s nomination.. That means there is a 56 percent probability of a brokered convention, up from 50 percent.

Trump’s chances of winning the general election dropped to 5/2 from 2/1 despite his victories on Tuesday night, but Ladbrokes attributed the result partly to a large single bet of nearly $20,000 that skewed the results.

NEW YORK The chances that the Republican Party will decide its nominee for the November presidential election through a brokered convention have increased since Super Tuesday even as front-runner Donald Trump has racked up primary wins, according to two online betting sites.

(Reporting by Anjali Athavaley)

According to Ladbrokes PLC, another online betting site, the chances of a brokered convention were 4-5 on Wednesday, down from evens on March 2. On Tuesday, he scored big wins in primaries in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, knocking out rival Marco Rubio and bringing him closer to the 1,237 convention delegates he needs to win the nomination.

But he lost the crucial state of Ohio and left the door open for those in the party trying to stop him from becoming the Republican nominee for the Nov

Lottery Lucky Numbers- Get Lucky And Win Millions

However, as grand as the plan and the means may be playing and winning the lotto is not really as easy as it seems, and especially if you are seriously contemplating a win in the game.

Be consistent- once you come up with a number combination, it would be good to be consistent in your bet. Remember that each number combination have approximately a 1/1,000,000 chance of coming out in the next lotto draw, this therefore means that numbers which are maintained during a period of time have a higher probability in leading you to win, than those which you keep changing every game.

I so love the new song “I want To Be A Billionaire”, who does not want to right? In any case for me I figured that one way I can go about achieving this dream is through finding myself my own lottery lucky numbers to millions.

Be smart Lottery is a game of chance but, just like any other games there will always be patterns that will help you predict future draw outcomes, all you need to do is to make your research on previously won combinations. Be practical- In as much as you are excited and hopeful of being the next lottery winner, it would be sound that you keep your betting practices at a practical level. The number combinations themselves will reveal the number patterns.

If you want to end up us the owner of the next lottery numbers , research and study is the best method to follow vis-a-vis random betting and ostentatious betting.

Here are some tips I would like to share with you which may not necessary bring you lottery lucky numbers, but they would surely improve your chances in being the next lotto millionaire.. Some people end up hundreds and even thousands of dollars per game in the thought that the more tickets they bet on the higher chances they have of winning. I have read how lives of numerous people were miraculously transformed by just a stroke of luck in the lotto draw. Technically speaking the more entries more chances of winning premise is essential correct, however if you look at the odds of how the lotto is played this is not really the best of strategies to follow.

For years now people all over the word have somehow anchored their dreams of riches and grandeur in the hope of getting lottery lucky numbers that would propel them to a better and more stable financial life

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Seeing this, apartments for senior citizens are not that much in our country, however the trend of senior living in India is on the upswing and real estate industry are developing properties to suit their needs.

Tags: mohali flats, flats in mohali, home for senior citizensPlanning For Senior Care Expenses In Advance By : RosieAguirre

If your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer”s, rather than waiting for it to become severe, search for dementia and Alzheimer”s care options such as assisted living facilities, adult day care, or senior in-home care agencies available in your area so that you have plenty of time to get your finances in order.

Tags: senior care, Professional Help services

Caring For Someone With Dementia At Home By : Rohan Sinha

Dementia is irreversible and once it happens there is no going back. But do you think it should be a factor in getting the help and support that you need?

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, Relief India Trust Literacy Programs By : Manoj

It”s widely said that when you teach a boy you teach him alone, but when you teach a girl you teach the entire family.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaHow To Survive Christmas With Granny By : Sarah

Grannys are a demanding bunch at the best of times but pile them with cherry trifle and alcohol Chocolates and your heading for a disaster. The staggering costs that Home nursing care homes ask of their patients is too much for an average professional to pay.

Tags: Home Nursing Care, Nursing AgencyForex Trading Resolution In 2015 By : Manoj

As a resolution of New Year, I will not treat forex trading as in Gambling, since I wish to throw the bat in the right air for entire year with sustainable profits.

Tags: Online Forex Trading, Forex Online Trading, ECN BrokerRelief India Trust Knows The Importance Of Donating Books By : Manoj

People love to learn, and mostly the only reason they stop, is the lack of resources. In this article she writes about reliable services for at home care in Clearwater, FL.

Tags: at home care in ClearwaterHow Relief India Trust Celebrates Birthdays Of Poor Kids By : Manoj

Relief India Trust celebrate birthdays for poor kids. We may not be able to celebrate for everyone on the exact day, but we at the Relief India Trust chose one day in a month where the birthdays of everyone born in that month are celebrated.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaVolunteering For Relief India Trust By : Manoj

It”s a difficult choice for anyone to choose a career. He is working with an MNC and has been appreciated many times for his work. The most difficult choice is to be a volunteer at an NGO like Relief India Trust. People with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia could get benefited from consuming such foods.

Tags: Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care ServicesRespite Care Services Helping Family Members To Get Rest From Caregiving Responsibilities By : RosieAguirre

Respite care services reduce the caregiving burden on the family caregivers by providing personal care services (and companionship) that allow family caregivers to take short-breaks to rejuvenate or complete other important tasks.

Tags: Respite Caregiver, Elder Care Clifton, Respite Care MontclaiApartments For Senior Citizens By : Tanya Kashyap

In 2012 in India people over the age of 60 were approximately 10 crores, by 2030 this figure would be double and by 2050, India would have approximately 32 crores of people over the age of 60 that would be almost 20% of the total population of the country. There are people who are living like kings, having the top of the line medical care and the best facilities science can offer. This I think was the main motto for a lot of female literacy programs.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaMaking This World A Better Place, Relief India Trust Working Hard By : Manoj

It has been said that the God has left the world, it certainly might be true, seeing the tragedy of the life in India. This light hearted article looks at the ways you can survive the festive period with your elderly relative without resorting to locking them away in the broom cupboard.

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Site Navigation:ArticleSnatch Authors:Member LoginSign UpSubmission GuidelinesFor Publishers:Article RSS FeedsTerms of ServiceFor Everyone:About UsContact UsPrivacy Policy.

Tags: best home health care, home health care agencies Katy TXCorporates Go The Extra Mile For Their Employees “” Will Now Look After Their Parents By : Rohan Sinha

Rahul is 28 and a highly ambitious software designer. Everything is going great for Rahul, except he is not able to take care of his parents who are growing old and stay in a different city.

Tags: Home Nursing Services, Home Nursing care, nursing agency10 Things That Make You Feel Old And What To Do About Them By : Kirt Eure

Death and taxes are understood to be the only inevitable elements of life.

Tags: Respite Caregiver, Elder Care Clifton, Respite Care MontclaiThings To Consider For An Effective Transitioning Care Plan By : RosieAguirre

To ensure speedy recovery and minimizing the chances of hospital readmission it is important to plan in advance for care at home. It should be in our best interest that pre-schooling and day-care has become an indispensable aspect behind a child”s success, especially when it comes to European countries where the world keeps on getting modernized with technology and other advancements.

Tags: Missouri child care assistance, missouri teachersImportance Of Respite Care Services For Family Caregivers By : RosieAguirre

Respite care services prove to be extremely useful in easing the excessive caregiving burden on the family caregivers. Know the various ways you can benefit from these services.

Tags: companion care in MariettaRelief India Trust – Rescuing Street Children By : Manoj

Street children- when I see them or talk about them, I feel it”s something truly close to my heart. Title|Newest|OldestLearn How To Get Best Home Health Care Agencies Katy Tx By : richie_harrison

The health care services are necessary requirement of a community. These children are left behind in the race of progress. That”s why book donation becomes very important.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaRelief India Trust, A Trust For The Poor Children By : Manoj

All the children in this world are born with equal rights, but unfortunately they are not born in homes with equal status and wealth.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaRelief India Trust Supports Social Causes In Distant Places By : Manoj

Distance is a factor which most people look at when travelling and for any other purposes. They could help the care recipient with the activities of daily living and other tasks whilst the family caregiver addresses other important issues. But, there’s a third issue that many of us automatically assume is unavoidable as well getting old.

Tags: Residential Care Home, Family Care, senior home care, AssistEmbrace The Most Valuable Knowledge – Go To Missouri Teachers In Creative Genius Learning By : richie_harrison

Knowledge is considered as an emblem of power, especially for the children who would start catching up with things intellectually since a tender age. In the routine life, many suffer from different kind of illnesses and need to be administered by the health care services. Books are like doorways to a different world, and to keep that doorway open you should read as much as possible.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaChoose A Reputed And Reliable Companion Care In Marietta By : Jimmy Fernandez

Reputed home care services strive to provide the most efficient and reliable companion care in Marietta and other regions, and aims at achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. It”s not that I just like them, but in fact every time I see one on the street, I can see and feel what they are missing in their life.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaSociety Has Problems – Relief India Trust Has Solutions By : Manoj

Some of the children are born disable due to hereditary problems or malnutrition of the mother, and some become disable due to different diseases attacking in their early life, for example polio. Everything in life seems new and unknown to the patient and unless he or she has help, leading life becomes close nigh impossible.

Tags: Health Care at Home, Home Nursing Care, Home Care NursingHow To Pay For Home Nursing Care By : Rohan Sinha

Insurers underestimated the total costs that they would incur in caring for the aged and the old in nursing care home. There are several resources such as in-home care agencies available to help the family caregivers in taking care of their loved ones once they are discharged from a medical facility

Tags: Transitioning Home Care Service, Transitions Home CareEating Habits That Help In Slowing Down Dementia Symptoms By : RosieAguirre

Many studies have shown that there are different kinds of foods which could improve or maintain memory power and cognitive abilities in seniors. While the tragic story is of those who get nothing in the name of medicine, and nothing in the name of food.

Tags: Relief India Trust, Nonprofit Organizations, Charity Trust, NGO in IndiaReliable At Home Care In Clearwater, Fl “” How They Can Help By : Jimmy Fernandez

jimmy fernandez is an expert content writer having extensive experience in writing on a variety of topics. The old age patients are a little bit of ..