40 Inch Blue Japanese Katana Sword W Dragon Tsuba And Scabbard Review

This is a truly remarkable weapon that anyone would be proud to display and own.

Shaping a Sharp Blade

This katana is a sword with a long, slightly curved blade with a chisel-like point. It was often accompanied by a smaller sword called a wakizashi (12 to 20 inches) or a dagger known as a tanto (6 to 12 inches). The combination of the two weapons was referred to as daisho – the long and the short. The Art of Katana

This 40 inch Blue Japanese Katana Sword w Dragon Tsuba and Scabbard is a truly wonderful replica of the samurai swords popularized in many Japanese samurai movies exported to the West in the 50s 60s and 70s. It is what is referred to as a “back sword” since it is single edged – its back edge is unsharpened. One of the most famous of these was a legendary swordsman and the author of Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi (1584 – 1645).. Any peasants found in possession of a katana by a member of the warrior caste would be executed on the spot.

Many katanas are beautifully adorned with decorated tsubas, the sword hand guard. The product described here – 40 Inch Blue Japanese Katana Sword w Dragon Tsuba and Scabbard – has a beautifully etched dragon theme on its tsuba along with a 10.5 inch blue-colored handle of imitation fish skin. Highly skilled practitioners could wield two of their weapons at the same time. Much like one-on-one battles of honor that were commonplace amongst the gentry of Europe at this time, Musashi participated in more than 60 duels in his lifetime never losing.

The practice of swordsmanship using the katana is known as kenjitsu, or samurai sword art. These are the best recognized Japanese sword through literature and film due to its association with its owner: a member of the Japanese warrior class called the Samurai.

Who Were the Samurai?

The ancestors of this 40 Inch Japanese Katana Sword w Dragon Tsuba and Scabbard were found around the waists of Samurai warriors who were the only members of Japanese society allowed to wear katana. The katana will was used for cutting whereas the short sword or dagger was used for stabbing.

Beautiful Art

He created a two-sword technique that he named niten’ichi which means “Two Heavens as One.” With this technique, Musashi perfected use of the katana and wakizashi at the same time. The sword is used for slashing as well as thrusting. It is the sword that is portrayed as the weapon of choice for beheading defeated enemies depicted in many movies.

In contrast to the ways that katana are seen wielded in battle in all those samurai movies, it was actually the weapon of last resort.The katana was believed to have a mystical link to a warrior soul and was only drawn in the most necessary circumstances when honor was at stake. The overall sword blade measures in at 27 inches

Betting My Mortgage On AVD

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Superbowl Betting

Even when you did find a reliable source for Superbowl betting lines, that was usually it – it was too hard to compare the lines from several sources. The Superbowl is the Mecca of sports gambling and betting is at it’s peak during this sports event. Gamble within your means and you will have a good time betting on the Super Bowl, regardless of whether you win or lose your bet. In games that are tied, the wager is considered no action and you get your money back. Betting on the Superbowl is just one aspect of online gaming, albeit a large aspect. The Superbowl is one of the most watched televised sporting events of the entire year, second to none. Our offer of these Superbowl betting lines are for your convenience and pleasure to peruse before you place your bets. If you’ve tried the rest, you should come and try the best.

If you are new to online sports betting on the Super Bowl, there are a few things you should know before you begin. Little do they know that they can find the same Superbowl betting odds online for free if they choose a sports’ betting website that makes these offers. You are already looking in the right place for Superbowl betting lines. It is proven that the more up to date odds you view, the more likely you are to place a successful bet, but nothing in the world of gambling is full proof. Checking out the Superbowl betting lines before you place your bets is a wise decision. The Internet has changed things, however, and has made it a much more even “playing field” for gamblers. You too could be part of the wondrous and billion-dollar gambling industry that revolves around the championship Superbowl game. We keep you up to date on all the teams and all the pertinent information that you need to know in order to place your wager on the Superbowl championship game.

Betting on the Superbowl can be a lot of fun-trying to decide what team to bet on can be interesting research. In the Superbowl betting live odds, you will find a lot of information to help you place your bet on the Super Bowl.

Superbowl betting odds are released early in the year, before the football season even begins and this is when Superbowl betting begins. Superbowl betting online is a big industry and you can win thousands and thousands of dollars by placing your bets on this super championship football game.

When you are going to place your bet on the Super Bowl, you have a few different options-straight bets, totals, parlays and teasers.

People gamble for many reasons-to have some fun, to win some money and to be involved in the sport that they know and love. The lines will help you see trends and other gambling highlights that may sway you to bet one way or another. By choosing us as your online sporstbook for Superbowl betting online you will receive access to the best Superbowl betting lines available on the Internet.


Superbowl gambling has never been easier, regardless of whether you want to bet a parlay, teaser or straight bet. In the last few years, online gaming has exploded across the Internet, it is one of the fastest growing markets on the Internet and daily, thousands of new people join the Internet and begin to gamble online. Furthermore, we assure you that our Superbowl betting live lines and Superbowl betting odds are equal with the best on the net. Betting on the Superbowl is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in gambling-the outcomes are guessed by experts the world over to produce the Superbowl betting lines for you to look at. As new Superbowl betting odds come out, they again change or place new bets. The Superbowl is a billion dollar industry, not just for the game itself but also for gambling. Check the Superbowl betting odds before placing your straight bet to ensure that you can make a well educated bet.

Fans glue themselves to the television during the football games throughout the season.

Making a straight bet means that the team you have wagered on must win by the point spread given at the time. Fans persist in their gambling on football games throughout the entire season, but it all comes together at the end of the season with the the-the biggest football sports betting event of the entire sports betting season for both fans and players.

Placing your bets on the Superbowl has never been easier with premier Superbowl Betting Odds and Superbowl betting lines available on the Internet for free. For example, if you were to bet the total of the game to be over on a total of 45. The last is one of the biggest reasons that online sports betting on the Superbowl has become so popular. These gamblers who bet on the Superbowl carefully watch the Superbowl betting lines before they place their bets. Primarily, you must know that no matter how current the Superbowl betting live lines are, they are just guidelines to help you make your bet. You will have consistent access to the most up to date Superbowl betting lines when you are a member with us. By using a sports book which is dedicated to your gambling pleasure, you can ensure that no matter your wager, large or small, you will be treated as you deserve to be treated. All of our customers are important to us, which is why we offer Superbowl betting live lines to all of our players all of the time.

What are you waiting for? Superbowl betting and Superbowl betting lines are only a few clicks away. Using the Superbowl betting live lines will help you place your bets on the Superbowl game.

Gambling is meant to be fun, and it can be a lot of fun on a Superbowl betting site. The Superbowl is one of the most bet on games around the world.

Superbowl betting live lines are available for you to peruse before you place your bet. There are free, easy to use and ready Superbowl betting lines available on the Internet in a wide variety of places. We know that you will enjoy your stay with us and enjoy gambling with our Sportsbook. Offering the best Superbowl betting lines is part of our premier customer service to you to ensure the best Superbowl betting experience on the Internet.

Author’s Bio: 

The Superbowl is the largest and most bet on football game. Before Internet gambling came along, finding Superbowl betting lines took some work, and it was hard to find reliable sources. By checking out our Superbowl betting lines, you are ensuring that you are placing a well educated bet and placing your money wisely. Some people believe that the more you research Superbowl betting the more likely you are to be successful in gambling. Mass amounts of money will exchange hands during the Super Bowl.

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Money line wagers are placed for a team to win the game.

Come on in and check us out. You can bet on the Superbowl with a money line as well. It can be very true, and some people spend thousands of dollars on researching the teams and players trying to find the best Superbowl betting odds. The Superbowl betting live odds that are available for you are some of the most premier that can be found on the Internet. However, by choosing us, you are choosing the best Superbowl betting site with the best Superbowl betting live lines. A lot of the gambling that is done online involves sports. The best Superbowl live lines are only a few clicks away for your perusal before you place your Superbowl bets. Superbowl betting on the Internet is easy, fun, and gamblers can compare Superbowl betting lines from a variety of different sports gambling websites.. Checking through the Superbowl betting lines can be very interesting to read and go through. If both teams’ scores add up to more than 45, you win, less than, you lose.

If you are looking for a Superbowl betting line then looking online is one of your best bets. Many gamblers across the world have thousands of dollars at stake on the outcome of the Super Bowl, the spread and bets within bets. Please, do not bet on the Superbowl with the need to win, there is, of course, a chance that you may lose. By checking out the Superbowl betting lines that are offered to you, you can really get into the sport, even if you don’t know much about it. Football gambling starts all over again after Superbowl and repeats itself every season.

To bet on totals, which are also known as over/under bets, the combined score of both teams is wagered on. Your winning at Superbowl betting is what our business is all about. By choosing our sports book for your Superbowl betting needs, you will have access to some of the best Superbowl betting odds online. Our Superbowl betting site is honestly one of thousands that are available to you on the Internet. The Superbowl playoff game marks the end of the football season ending with one team being crowed champion of the world of football

The Best Books on Fitness Nutrition

Here are my picks for the five best books on fitness nutrition that will suit the gamut of active people whether high-performance competitive professionals, youth athletes, or recreational participants..

1. The final part of the book gives nutrition plans, recipes, and training schedules for specific sports that will guide meal plans for competitors in the weeks leading up to competition day,

Eating the right foods in the right proportions at the right times is key to maintaining fitness for daily life as well as to achieving optimum performance in competitive sports requiring power, endurance or both. Benardot, Dan. Benardot discusses how factors such as travel, high altitude, gender and age, and body composition and weight also affect nutritional needs. Depending on your age, gender, and fitness goal, your nutritional needs will vary. The book outlines strategies for specific metabolic systems that will support high intensity bursts and power for sprinters, endurance for marathoners, and power as well as endurance for athletes such as skaters, basketball players, golfers, and tennis players. Advanced Sports Nutrition.

This encyclopedic reference is a go-to source that deals specifically with high performance athletes. It is based on current scientific nutritional research, explaining in clear, factual language the nutritional sources: carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, mineral, fluids and electolytes

Tips for Increasing Your Odds of Career Success After College

Getting good grades in college does not take a huge amount of discipline and is well worth the effort. Personally, I would be hesitant to hire anybody who had a grade point average less than 3.3.

- Many of our country’s most successful people had liberal arts backgrounds. I just don’t think many universities formulate a very accurate picture of what it takes to open a business these days.


Though, the bright side is that it is never too late to finish school and get your degree, though doing so in the current economy presents its own challenges. There are too many college graduates for companies to justify even considering those who did not finish. To start your career off the right way, you need to have a solid GPA on your resume. A Classics major with a Marketing and Entrepreneurship minor or a French major with a Business Management minor would have every possibility of success as an International Relations major with a minor in Economics. With the latter, unless you are absolutely, 100% sure that you plan on making a career out of your study, all you’ll end up with is (often) heavy student debt and little to know practical business skill.

However, I would stay away from an entrepreneurship major. Simply stated, companies will not hire those who do not finish college.

- Fewer and fewer of our country’s Chief Executive Officers are Ivy League graduates.

Poor grades can and will close a lot of doors. Your major might be impressive per se, but a 3.0 or 2.8 GPA will shut the door to a major-relevant job just as quickly as a non-related degree – often, even more quickly.

Despite everything above, there are some hard and fast truths about the “best” majors and minors, if you plan on going into a professional career (as opposed to being a performer or artist by profession).

Some Facts About the Correlation Between Future Success and Your College Education (from Warren Bennis’ Becoming a Leader)

As a recruiter, I see numerous people who never go into their area of major concentration (Sociology majors who end up in executive coaching, English majors who went on to excel in advertising sales). But a professional trajectory is harder to ramp up for those who graduate with fine arts degrees, already aware that the professional arts field isn’t for them.

Yes. Regardless, most hiring parties use a bachelor’s degree as a (maybe arbitrary) minimum requirement.

After lecturing at multiple universities and hiring recent college graduates both for my own company and on behalf of my clients, here are some of my recommendations as to potential majors to choose, potential minors to combine with those majors, as well as majors that I would certainly avoid regardless of the school.

The Bottom Line: Best Majors and Minors

Having said that, if you begin your college career as a Dance major or an Art major and decide around junior year that you aren’t cut out for the lifestyle, don’t be afraid to change majors and graduate a year late, with a few more student loans. I strongly recommend against simply majoring in, in lieu of either a double major or a minor, things such as acting or photography. This includes roughly 38% of Chief Executive Officers and former Presidents such as Ronald Reagan

- In college, your minor should be for fun, not your major. In the long run, what might initially feel like giving up will actually lead to a bigger pay-off.

The Bottom Line: Does finishing college matter?

- I favor business as a minor. A college degree in and of itself, of course, does not connote higher intelligence, greater competence, or even a better work ethic than those who got their diplomas. Unless you want to be in finance or accounting, there is no reason to get into advanced classes in the topic, though knowing the basics is a must if you wish to open your own business. Economics is good, but I don’t think it is as strong as basic business.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes). However, fail to finish college and there is not much of a bright side if you want to get into while collar related work.

The main point I hope to get across is that there is no one way to a successful career right off the bat after graduation. The key is to come out of school with knowledge of how the business world works, and with a drive to never stop learning, even with your diploma nicely framed upon the wall.

The Bottom Line: Do grades matter?


Six Strategies To Beat The Odds

More and more men are meeting through gay cyber dating and personal ads than ever before. How are you going to find the one guy for you out of all these men? The good news is online dating works. Underscore your strengths by all means, but don’t lie. Scientists have studied online dating behaviors and have documented several strategies that work.

1.Be honest about the information you put on your online profile. A man responds to considerate behavior; it tells him that you care and more importantly, that you respect him.

The popularity of gay online dating has exploded over the last decade. It will make the first date go much smoother.. If you stand five feet five in your stocking feet, don’t stretch that to five feet ten. Chatting online gives men a chance to know each other and strengthens the foundation for a budding emotional relationship.

5.First impressions count. Emoticons and “LOL” have their place, but these things are not a substitute for the sound of another man’s laughter or the way his voice deepens when he says your name. There are so many ads that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Second, third, and fourth impressions count too. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be someone you’re not, just be the best man you can be. The best online dating advice for gay men is to just be yourself. You took care to be on time for that first date, right? Be prompt and text or call if you’re going to be late. Many people feel that leaving a little mystery enhances the moment and studies seem to support this. Relax into the relationship but don’t get careless. Texting and talking on the phone can be better tools for establishing a relationship.

6.Always be aware that his time is as valuable as yours is. Studies show that men who chat through one of the many IM services are more successful in establishing a long-term relationship than those who rely solely on email correspondence. After a certain age, you’re just not going to grow any taller! What seems like a white lie now can, and usually will come back to haunt you.

It takes a little bit of effort to beat the numbers game that is online dating, but it can be done. 2.Use a chat program before you meet. Texting is wonderful, but sometimes it is hard to read a person’s intentions without hearing the sound of his voice. Be on your best behavior and dress to impress are more than just cliches. Use the phone to flirt, to get to know one another better. Don’t delude yourself that you can get away with sloppy dress or hygiene just because you’ve gotten past that first date.

About the Author:

Matt Suissa is a co-founder of GuyDater.com, and is part of the human element that combines with the site’s IntelliSearch software to provide members with the most relevant match results in the industry! To find out more about how technology is changing gay online dating, visit http://www.guydater.com

4.You may be surprised to know that seeing each other through a web cam does not necessarily increase the success rate of that first date. Be honest, chat through text and on the phone, make a good first impression and show respect — these seemingly simple tips can go a long way towards ensuring online dating success!

3.Call each other

Bucks take F Jabari Parker with 2nd pick in NBA draft

He’s from nearby Chicago, and former Blue Devils assistant Steve Wojciechowski is now head coach at Marquette.

ST. Parker’s defense, though, is considered a work in progress.

That makes this draft especially important for the Bucks. The 6-foot-8 Parker has been lauded for his maturity and offensive skills. The new additions will arrive in Milwaukee just as New York investment firm executives Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens take over as owners.

. Parker will be relied on to add scoring punch as well as help put fans in the seats.

Lasry and Wesley Edens bought the Bucks for $550 million this spring from former U.S. He would join 19-year-old forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and scoring guard Brandon Knight as promising team cornerstones.

The Bucks had three more picks in the second round.

Parker figures to have an easy transition in Milwaukee. The Bucks have drafted relatively well under Hammond, though some veteran signings haven’t panned out. –  The Milwaukee Bucks selected Duke forward Jabari Parker with the second overall pick in the NBA draft Thursday night, a pivotal selection for a team in transition.

But that seemingly left the team without a clear, long-term philosophy in recent years. The new owners have said they hope to build a championship contender within three to five years, about the same time frame in which they hope to build a new arena.

General manager John Hammond likes Parker for his ability to fit into multiple positions in the frontcourt. FRANCIS, Wis. Sen Herb Kohl, who wasn’t fond of using the word “rebuilding.”

The one-and-done star immediately becomes a face for an organization with new ownership seeking to invigorate its fan base following a franchise-worst 67-loss season

Sports Gifts – InfoBarrel

Extra tailgating chairs are great for any guests they might bring or the chairs can break, or maybe they have low quality uncomfortable chairs and would like better ones. 

You can get a sports magazine subscription or book for the sports fan in your life. If they play soccer maybe a soccer ball, or if they do gymnastics maybe some home gymnastics equipment. 

If your fan likes to go to sporting events where they have bleachers, then maybe they would enjoy seat covers as a gift.

then tailgating chairs are an excellent gift. They can wear this jersey while they watch sporting events at home, at a bar or while they are at a game. 

If this is a Christmas sports gift you are looking for, maybe your sports fan would like a sports-themed Christmas ornament.

Sports clothing can make a great gift. They can wear their sports clothing just hanging around the house, running errands or while watching the sport. Give the fan in your life a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat or other clothing item that has their favorite sports team logo. If they like football, you could get them a nerf football to throw around or if they like golf, then consider a package of balls as a golf gift.

Tailgating Chairs: 

I hope this list of sports gift ideas helps you pick out the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life! You might also want to check out ways to save money on gifts. 

Play-at-home Sports Equipment: 

Tailgating Materials: 

On the same note as the tailgating chairs, consider other tailgating materials for the sports fan in your life. If your sports fan participates in the sport, maybe they need gear of their own.

Sports Fan Accessories: 

If your sports fan regularly goes to sporting events like football, basketball or hockey games

Sporting Event Tickets: 

. Get your sports fan their favorite player’s jersey or even just a player on their favorite team’s jersey. Accessories such as flags, memorabilia, stickers for the car or blankets.

Consider getting your sports fan something he or she needs to play at home. Maybe a book that has tips for helping their performance or one with historical sports facts.

Sporting event tickets are an obvious gift for the avid sports fan. Or you can get them a sports book as a gift. Either to see his or her favorite team, or to see a professional or semi-professional sporting event in the area.

Looking for a sports gift for the sports fan in your life? Hopefully these ideas help you find the perfect gift!

Sports Clothing: 

Sports Magazine or Book

Christmas Ornament:

Team Jerseys: 

A team jersey can be a very thoughtful and nice gift. Even if your sports fan already has tailgating chairs, they are a great gift because everyone can use extras. A magazine subscription would be a cheap gift that they can enjoy every month for a year. Maybe they would like ESPN magazine, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest or any other specialty sports magazine. Would they like a nice tailgating cooler? A tailgating grill or a table for having a meal while tailgating? Or maybe even a tailgating tent?

Sporting Event Seat Covers: 

There are a ton of sports fan accessories that you could get as a gift, or for stocking stuffers during the holidays

It was no serendipitous Super Bowl for Vegas sports books

And the atmosphere inside his sports book as the suspense swelled, ”was unbelievable,” he said.

Oddsmaker and syndicated columnist Ben Eckstein with online site America’s Line which offers advice on picks, personally picked the Seahawks to win. He and others banked on a Seahawks win since the Patriots were favored, ever so slightly.

”I killed it,” Eckstein said, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if the singer could hold a single note for two minutes.

”That was a good start for us,” said Michael Grodsky, spokesman for William Hill which operates 105 sports books and a smartphone app in Nevada. He also personally bet singer Idina Menzel of ”Frozen” fame would take longer than two minutes to sing the national anthem, though. Avello has the Seahawks at 6-1 and the Patriots at 8-1.

”There are those props that you can really dig your teeth into and make some money on,” he said, referring to some of the proposition bets. ”Could have used a little better finish.”

For two out of the last three years, Avello said his book lost six figures in the first seconds of the game when the rare score occurred.

. On Monday, he had already moved on and talked about taking basketball bets and the start of March Madness in seven weeks.

William Hill’s win was a modest one, down compared to last year, but the total amount of wagers with the sports book was up 10 percent year over year, he said.

”We just love what we do.” Avello said.

”That bet happened here,” Avello said.

The amount was a drop from last year’s record-breaking bets totaling $119.4 million when sports books kept $19.7 million after the Seattle Seahawks’ easily overtook the Denver Broncos 43-8.

By the time the confetti settled and Patriots Bill Belichick washed the Gatorade from his hair, Jay Kornegay from Westgate said he eked out a small win thanks to some of the few hundred side bets that went their way.

At least there wasn’t a safety during Sunday’s game.

”I can’t even tell you how many millions of dollars changed hands,” said Johnny Avello, director of the Wynn’s sports and race book of the game-ending moment that had the Seahawks throwing an interception at the end zone. ”It wasn’t a bad day overall.”

He recorded two minutes, five seconds on his stopwatch.

He estimated he lost a few bucks, the cost of a cup of coffee, after all was counted.

But for the grace of side bets some of the sports books’ losses might have been greater.

Westgate Las Vegas lucked out on the coin flip, too, and the number of pass attempts.

He guessed right, too, that there would be more than 8.5 punts.

Johnny Avello from Wynn said his sports book lost money but it wasn’t his largest loss.

Then there’s the bets that don’t have anything to do with on-field play aren’t allowed in Nevada’s sports books. When she did, he and his family including his 6 and 7 year old grandchildren cheered.

William Hill won $1,000 on the coin flip that turned up tails.

The state’s 191 sports books won $3.3 million of the total $116 million wagered on the Super Bowl, said Nevada Gaming Control Board officials Monday.

LAS VEGAS (AP) If being $3.3 million richer after Sunday’s Super Bowl is what Nevada sports books consider a worst case scenario, imagine the riches if a last minute play, second-guessed around the world, had gone a little differently.

Wynn, Westgate Las Vegas and William Hill sports book operators said the New England Patriots’ 28-24 win over the Seattle Seahawks represented the worst case scenario for their businesses based on the bets placed. Westgate and William Hill odds favor the Seahawks 5-1 with the Patriots 6-1. Off-shore and international betting sites offered returns based on whether Patriots coach Bill Belichick might crack a smile, what color Gatorade would end up on the head of the victor coach (it was blue) or if Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog would or wouldn’t see his shadow.

”Overall, no complaints, outside the late interception,” he said Monday. Plenty was at stake with gamblers wagering six-figures, in some cases, for either team. At least one gambler wagered $1 million on the Patriots.

He compared it to what the sports book might rake in on a regular season college football Saturday.

He and others have their odds ready for the next Super Bowl for weeks

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