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Allowing states around the country to make the decision on sports gambling in their state is the right thing to do.

Sports Gambling: Best And Worst Teams Of The Decade

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Don’t Bet on It: Sports Gambling in America

For millions of Americans, the mere mention of football season triggers sweaty palms and stomach churning. However, we have passed the point of trying to decide whether gambling on sports provides some sort of benefit to society. Abrams” width=”45″ />

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Let The Olympics Gambling Games Begin!

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Come summer 2016, when the best of the best athletes climb podiums wearing gold, silver and bronze medals, Las Vegas gamblers could…

Las Vegas Sports Books lose some juice

However, on Oct. Unaudited talli…

So, how much are we gambling each football season? Americans probably wager more than $50 billion a year on NFL and college football combined.

Professional and collegiate sports organizations have known for many years that the biggest threat to their game is in the area of officiating. If the game’s outcome is predetermined, we are just watching the commission of a crime.

NBA Commissioner: Allow Betting On Pro Sports Games

LONDON — Dutch tennis player Yannick Ebbinghaus has been suspended for six months and fined $10,000 for violating the sport’s betting rules. Abrams” width=”45″ />

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sports and Gambling

Fans Bet Record Amount On Super Bowl

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Sports gambling and wagering is widespread and commonplace in our country and it’s being done illegally every minute. 25, Week 7 of the NFL season, the corporate types running the mighty Las Vegas sports books found themselves trapped in the unpleasan…

There can be little question that sports gambling is a vice — much like drinking and playing the lottery.

LAS VEGAS — Nevada casinos won almost $6.9 million on this year’s Super Bowl as bettors wagered $82.7 million on the NFL title game, gambling re…

Roger I. But that is not what problem gamblers do.

NFL Replacement Officials Affecting Vegas

Come on, Congress: Sports Gambling, Not Bounties…

“Kill the Referee”

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Dutch Tennis Pro Suspended

LAS VEGAS — For decades, sports bettors in this city have queued up at sports book windows and handed over cash in exchange for paper tickets formali…

Betting on America

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Did Floyd Mayweather Really Bet $10 Million On Broncos Super Bowl Win?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver argued for the legalization of betting on professional sports games in a New York Times op-ed published Thursday night, w…

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Sports Gambling’s Latest Technology: The eDeck Arrives In Las Vegas

Roger I. Abrams

Sports, Gambling, and Referees

– Las Vegas casinos think this weekend’s NFL games will be the highest-scoring ever thanks to the league’s replacement officials. Sports betting is the most taboo yet pervasive activity among sports fans and grows in popularity exponentially.

. There were only three four o’clock games, so I debated just sitting out the afternoon and reveling in my glory. The Int…

Don’t Be a Square: 10 Tips for Betting on Football

After big wins on Thursday and the early Sunday slate, I was sitting pretty. Referees have incredible influence over the games they officiate.

Roger I. Oddsmakers say ca...

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Jason Grill

Patrick Anderson

Sports Betting: There’s An App For That

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Adventures of a Cranky Gambler — NFL Week 3

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Before the Washington Wizards had a gun problem, they had a gambling problem — a high-stakes card game that ended in acrimony, threats and ultimately…

LAS VEGAS — Sports fans bet a record $98.9 million at Nevada casinos on the Super Bowl, the Nevada Gaming Control Board said Monday. likes to make big sports bets, but he may have really outdone himself with this one — Mayweather allegedly pla…

NBA Gambling Ban Possible: Arenas Incident A Wake-Up Call

We enjoy the diversion of sports because the outcome of every contest is uncertain. It is ubiquitous.

Chris Maloney

Steve Belanger

Super Bowl Gambling: Las Vegas Casinos Cash In

LAS VEGAS — Getting money down on your favorite sports team is getting a little easier in Nevada with the first-ever legal wagering application for s…

Sports can be part of the solution — one of the largest portions of the underground (and untaxed) economy involves sports gambling.

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Not everyone lost money the first 10 years of the century, especially wise guys who consistently bet the farm on the decade’s most generous cash cows….

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Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr

Online and Casino Baccarat Strategy: Track Your Games

Whether you are betting at a casino in Las Vegas or taking advantage of the simplicity of online gambling it is always best to play within your means and to play smartly!

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. Your best bet is to avoid these forms and stick to the current game being played. It is basically a form of entertainment. Alas, any baccarat strategy that causes you to change your wagering based on previous hands are in fact useless. Because this system does not change in any way the outcome of the game, gambling casinos allow it and actually encourage it. But, there are many strategically simple moves that you can make to enhance your chances of becoming a winner at baccarat online gambling and traditional land based casino baccarat gambling.

Even though you will still see most everybody using this form of tracking on the scorecards and you will be temped to rely on this method, resist it. By tracking the patterns many players feel that they will be better informed on placing future wagers. Maybe it is even a way for the casino to distract you from the more valuable parts of the game. You should not rely on this strategy to become a winner.

For the most part, Baccarat players have come to realize that there really isn’t a foolproof strategy for this game. For example, if you are wagering on the flip of a coin (heads or tails), if it landed on tails 8 times in a row, a big part of you thinks the next flip will be heads. While there is a big chance that the next flip will in fact be heads, there really is still a 50% it will go either way. At most casino gambling tables you will see many people using this simple system as a chance spot patterns. Actually, one hand has no bearing on the next, and is never influenced by the preceding hands. Online and Casino Baccarat Strategy: Track Your Games

 by: John Finney

This article was posted on November 18, 2005

One important aspect of the Baccarat games played at most casinos is the scorecard, or in some cases the piece of paper and pencil the casino sometimes provides for keeping track of the outcome for each hand. Understanding that, you should realize that this is really a trap that many players fall into time and time again. The casinos would never provide these cards or even allow the technique if they stood to really lose from it

ADVISORY/Athletes and Sports Gambling the Focus of Drexel Symposium.

- 4 p.m., Thursday, Oct.


Copyright 1998, Gale Group. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

This symposium will bring together experts from the legal,

academic and athletic communities to discuss and explore ways of

eradicating criminal and unethical elements that may impact on the

integrity of an athletic program or sport. 1, 1998

Where: Grand Hall of Drexels Creese Student Center,

32nd and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia.

Who: Speakers in the symposium include:

COPYRIGHT 1998 Business Wire

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.. All rights reserved. Symposium attendees will

include athletic directors, coaches, and academic administrators.

Drexel is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the NCAS, a

consortium of 140-member institutions that assist collegiate and

professional athletes to complete their studies and works with young

people through community service.

News Media

Contact: Preston M. Moretz, Drexel News Bureau, 215/895-1715

3141 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-2875

tel, 215/895-1530 fax, 215/895-6157

Bill Curry, ESPN commentator and former football

coach at the University of Alabama, Kentucky

and Georgia Tech, and COO of the NCAS.

Charlie Rosen, Inside Sports columnist and author

of Barney Polans Game, a fictional account

of the 1951 New York City College basketball scandal.

Bill Saum, NCAA special representative for gaming

and gambling in collegiate athletics.

Dan Gentile, special agent and police training

coordinator for the FBI.


What: From office football pools to off-track betting to sports

lotteries, sports gambling has mushroomed in todays society.

But what happens when the gamblers are the athletes

themselves? The National Consortium for Academics and Sports

(NCAS) and Drexel University will co-sponsor a day-long

symposium addressing the issues of sports gambling among

athletes and athletic professionals.

When: 10 a.m

Anyone Can Win Money Playing BlackJack and Here’s What the Casino Didn’t Tell You

It is called gambling). Ties normally push. This guide will hopefully teach you a few things to make you more successful, and EVERYONE has more fun gambling when they win a few bucks.

Obviously, Casinos make money because the odds are in their favor. Since then I can honestly say that I have started winning much more than I lose. If the dealer has a higher count than you, you lose. If your cards total over 21, you lose. Want to know the secret? There is no secret, most players just don’t have a game plan. Simply enough right?

Double Down – Double your bet for 1 more card

How Do I Win?

No Tricks, Gimmicks or Card Counting required

Since I did say in the title that ANYONE can win, I better cover the basics for anyone who hasn’t played.

Basics of the Game. I first started playing cards with my friends during high school but never really started winning until I made a few trips to Las Vegas and other casinos and realized what I was doing wrong. What does that mean for you? If you play perfect BlackJack over time you will lose money unless you do some variations in these areas:

BlackJack – Get 21 on first 2 cards – pays 3-2

Aces are 1 or 11, Face cards are 10, every other card is face value. Each player starts with two cards and can draw more as needed. I normally win anywhere from $50 – $600 a trip (I do still lose once and awhile.

The point of the game is to reach 21.

Splitting – Split pairs into 2 hands

I’m going to tell you the basics of playing and WINNING at BlackJack

Famous horse racing courses in England

The long distance races of both courses start on the same track, but then they separate for the last mile of the july Course and the last one and a quarter miles of the Rowley Mile Course. The two finishing straights are separated by some open heath and by an ancient earthwork, the Devil’s Ditch.

The appointment of Mr. This site, the Knavesmire, was originally a marsh for the grazing of the comrnoners’ cattle and is said to have been the location of the City gallows until 1802. Jaques, was appointed.

Cesarewitch Stakes (two and a quarter miles), both established in 1839. The two classic races, the 2,000 Guineas, for three-year-old colts, was first run in 1809, and the 1,000 Guineas, for three-year-old fillies, was first run in 1814. R, M. There are now 12 meetings staged each year with 27 days racing. Towards the end of the season the two famous handicaps, which are referred to in racing circles as the Autumn Double, take place: The Irish Sweeps Cambridgeshire over one mile one furlong straight, and the S.K.F.. First run in 1877, it is over one and a quarter miles and attracts the best international horses over that distance year after year. The winning owner of this race is the guest of honour and principal speaker at the Gimcrack Dinner held in York later in the year.

Other important races run are the Yorkshire Oaks, the William Hill Sprint Championship and the Benson and Hedges Gold Cup of one mile two and a half furlongs, a race inaugurated in 1972 which has attracted horses of world class each year and has elevated the course to international standing.

Newmarket racing continued to prosper into the 19th century with the first running of the two classic races and it continued to be the leading training centre although there was a drift away because of the hard ground on the heath in 1833 — perhaps it was a long, dry summer like 1976 — and there was a movement to increase the training quarters on the Downs of Wiltshire and Berkshire.

Horse racing in the district dates back as far as 1530, but the first record of racing on the present site dates from 1731. The course is level, well-drained and with a most up-to-date watering system when required, It is a flat, galloping track with sweeping bends and a first class test for genuine horses over any distance.

The inauguration of the Gimcrack Stakes, now the C, G. Both races are over the straight Rowley Mile at the spring meeting. Newmarket has always been well to the fore in international racing and the Champion Stakes run at the end of the flat season is one of the most valuable races ofthe year. Gimcrack Stakes, followed in 1846. This is a six-furlong test for two-yearrolds, sometimes a trial for the classic races of the following year and won by Mill Reef in 1970. It has sometimes gone to a classic winner, and was won in 1971-72 by Brigadier Gerard.

On the Rowley Mile Course there are tirst-class grandstand buildings, accommodation and facilities comparable with the best, but on the July course the accommodation leaves much to be desired.

Racing was given another lift when the Prince of Wales registered his colours in 1875 and launched into ownership with considerable success towards the end of the century when, in 1896 his horse Persimmon, trained at Newmarket by Dick Marsh, won the Derby, again in 1900 when his horse, Diamond jubilee, took the Triple Crown, and yet again in 1909 — by then he was King Edward VII — he won the Derby with Minoru.

There are two courses, the Rowley Mile Course, which is used for all the most important race meetings with high value races, and the July Course for the less important meetings during mid-season. Jaques heralded a new era of prosperity and, while no classic race is run here, the year of 1843 saw the inauguration of one of the important handicaps of the racing calendar, the Ebor Handicap of one and threequarter miles (the name is derived from Eboracurn, the Roman name for York) now the Tote Ebor Handicap.

Used for flat racing only on 15 days each year with the principal meeting being in August and spread over three days. It was one of the leading courses from the start, but it did suffer a decline in the early part of the 19th century until, in 1843, a new clerk of the course, Mr

What is your favorite book by Amy Tan?

“Tamany Tan Amy: Palindromes, Puns, Plays-on-Words and Onomatopoeias on Steroids”

“Tan, Amy, Tan! The Explosive Exposé into the World of Competitive Tanning”


There are so many, I can never choose between these 3 greats:

“Tan Amy” (Subtitle: My Day at the Beach and Lots of Coppertone)

Understanding the Basic Rules to Play Backgammon

There are 30 discs or checkers, divided into two colors, 15 of each color. Both players can have the same or separate pair of dice.

Fun Fact


The doubling cube was introduced to raise the wagers that are gambled for in a Backgammon game. When a player has his checker blotted, the only move that he is allowed to make is to get his blotted checker back in the game. The player having a higher die value will move his checkers first. In Backgammon, though strategy matters, the game itself is based more on a matter of chance and luck. The points that the player going first is determined by value of both the dice that were rolled. The player has an option to either move two checkers by the value that is present on each die face, or a single checker to match the dice value. A player can also lose a turn if there are no open points to move his checkers. How to Play Backgammon


An important Backgammon strategy is to try to make a hit on the vulnerable blot in an open point. It has been modified in terms of rules and strategies. A blot can return in play only on an open point, failing which the player loses the turn. The origin of game dates back around 5,000 years. Generally, wagers are not raised beyond two times in a game of Backgammon. When a player’s checker lands on an open point, then an opponent’s checker, if one is present, is blotted and moved to the bar, which is the part of the board that divides it in half. Players then take alternate turns to roll the dice and move their checkers. This has led to many people appealing for it to be treated under stringent gambling laws.

The board consists of 24 triangles, known as points. This decreases the vulnerability of his own checkers.


The order in which checkers are placed are: 2 checkers on the 24th point, 3 checkers on the 8th point, while 5 checkers placed on the 6th and 13th point each. A player suffers a regular loss when he is able to bear off some checkers before losing. A player must also try not to create his own blots. In case doubles are rolled by a player during the game, then the player has the option to move up to 4 checkers by points equal to value of a die.

Lost Turn

A player will lose his turn if he fails to get his blotted checker; that is, the checker on the bar, back in game. The position that a blotted checker can assume after being back in the game will depend on the value of a die from the rolled dice. The points are numbered from the start of the home board of a player as the 1st point, and the start of the opponent’s home board as the 24th point, in a counter-clockwise direction.


A player has to bring all 15 checkers in play to his home board before bearing them off. The values on the faces of a doubling cube are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. With the online version now available, the game has become more sought after. This will increase the player’s chances of handing out his opponent the loss of a gammon or a backgammon. The current form of the game was adopted in 17th Century England. He played 2 Backgammon games with his wife, daily.

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games around, and can be played between two players. One half of the board serves as the home board for both the teams, while the other half serves as an outer board. 24 points are divided into 4 quadrants, with 6 points each. There are many online casinos that offer this game online too. The first player to bear off all his checkers is the winner. A winner does not gain points, but a loser loses points. Some service providers also provide this game purely for entertainment purposes, without anyone having to wager anything.

The Bar

A point having one or no opponent checker is an open point. The faces of the doubling cube increase by the factor by two. The use of a doubling cube started in the early 1900s.

Backgammon is majorly a gambling game. However, on occasion, the wagers are increased to 128 and 256 times as well.

Starting off

To start the game, both players will roll a die simultaneously. When a checker is on the home board, the player has to move the checker by the lower value among the number presented on the dice. It is just a marker, not a die. If the player was unable to bear off any checkers before losing, then he loses ‘a gammon’, and if a player has one or multiple checkers in the opponent’s home court or on the bar, then, in such a case, the player loses a backgammon.

Charles Darwin was a Backgammon enthusiast. In casinos, it is almost as famous as card games like Poker, Baccarat, or Blackjack. If a 1 is rolled, it will be the starting point; if 2 is rolled then the 2nd point, and so on.. In case of same value, the players roll again. A player can deliberately lose a turn if he/she wishes not to move his checker to an open point.

When setting up wagers, each point is specified with a specific value. The blotted checker returns in the game from the home board. The checkers move on points in a counter-clockwise direction in a horse-shoe-shaped path, depending on the value of the rolled dice

What are betting exchanges? – National International Lottery

Over the long-term, good punters always prevail over bad bettors.

The exchanges typically charge commission between 2% and 5% of your net winnings. The bookmakers’ analyses and the collection of bets affect the odds, which in turn affect your winnings and losses.

The three major betting exchanges are Betfair, BETDAQ, and WBX. Additionally, bettors using an exchange don’t have to pay the bookie.

Betting exchanges avoid the marketplace by allowing one individual to bet against another individual.. The latter has a professionalized, comprehensive methodology to pricing odds and the likelihood of each racehorse winning.

By placing bets on a selection of horses, you are essentially placing a wager against the horse racing marketplace which is comprised of all the punters on a particular meeting. Person-to-person betting exchanges act as the middle man allowing customers to bet against each other. However, better odds are the critical measure of whether or not a punter will be successful. These market leaders have a turnover of bets, and they offer a good punter an opportunity to seek out profit opportunities.

Betting exchanges avoid the marketplace by allowing one individual to bet against another individual. However, a good punter can find value – and profits – by going against less insightful bettors. A betting exchange also allows you to bet in-running during a race.

A betting exchange might be a favorable route versus going against the horse racing marketplace. A punter can back a selection to win, lay it to lose or trade the odds, by backing and laying the same horse at different odds

Learn How Void Bets Decrease Chances of Losses in Online Sports Betting

There is no limitation on placing wagers through bookies in nearby areas only and you can virtually contact any dealer in any part of the world. This swift growth has brought lovers of sports betting residing in different parts of the world together thereby bringing transparency in the system.

Your rating: None

Void bet refers to the situation in which the amount of money put at stake as it is without deducting or adding any amount. In the earlier times, people used to watch sports and put wager on the outcome in small groups. At that time, people could place bets on any match taking place in any part of the world with the help of bookies in neighborhood (A bookie is the person who accepts cash bets and then pays off to the one who wins the bet). To increase the odds of winning money while betting on sports, you must be familiar with the system in all.

Advantages Void Bets

Postponed Events – Many times, sports events are postponed due to one reason or the other. To know more about this type of bet, visit sports betting websites and take a look at their rules and regulations.

Author’s Bio: 

Player Injury – When someone bets on a particular player and he gets injured while playing then it is a void bet.

. And then all the bets are declared as void.

What is a Void Bet?

If you pay attention to the section above, we have mentioned that void bets occur in particular situations and these situations are:

Although there are plenty of things to learn but here we begin by introducing one of the most commonly used terms, that is, Void Bets.

The history of football betting dates back to the days when players actually started playing the game. As years passed, sports betting became a popular thing and bets were placed at a large scale. Since individuals from different parts of the world bet at one place, a uniform pattern is followed throughout. It is worth mentioning that void bets occur quite frequently and thus you should have an in depth understanding about the same.

The author of this article owns a chain of online sports betting and loves to share his learnings with other players. This trend of placing bets through bookie in nearby areas prevailed for long and we would like to mention that it exists even today. But, the popularity of bookies has decreased significantly and today online betting is the thing everyone is running after.

Changes in Timings – If a sports event does not get over within scheduled time then the money is returned as it is and the bet is declared as void.


Introduction to Online Sports Betting

Anyone who wishes to analyze the pros and cons of any trend in the betting industry must have proper knowledge and experience. Also, if you place a bet on a wrong player then these bets give you a chance to save your money. But, for your assistance we list some of the advantages of void bets. Firstly, these bets help in reducing losses to great extent. If you wish to learn more about cricket fantasy or betting on football then visit

Situations for Void Bet

The only difference between traditional and online sports betting is the latter takes place over the Internet

The Top 5 Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes And Where To Find More

Finding the perfect humorous quote can be challenging and time consuming, even if you’re the best Googler out there. February 13th: Desperation Day.”

o Quotes: From Oscar Wilde to Henry Kissinger, check out this definitive list for funny quotes from famous people.

o Variety is the spice of life! This site offers links to a wide variety of humorous cards and funny Valentine’s Day quotes.. “I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending Valentines Day proudly declaring your singlehood (and later Google-stalking your ex while inhaling a box of chocolates) or cuddling with your sweetheart, funny Valentines Day sayings are the perfect way to let the special people in your life know just how much they mean to you.

These are just a few of the Valentine’s Day quotes that you can use that will make anyone smile and love waiting for the cards you send.

Where to find funny Valentines Day quote ideas for your cards:

5. Unknown – “February 14th: Valentine’s Day. Between the sappy displays of affection, over-commercialization and for some people, depression, that comes with the day, Valentine’s Day provides plenty of fodder for comedians. Between stuffed animals, bouquets of long stem roses, and the huge assortment of chocolate filled boxes, finding a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift amid all the holiday clichés is a veritable minefield. “Happy early Valentines Day to someone who should already be planning the greatest night of my life.” –

Valentine’s Day: whether you’re single or in a relationship, this holiday is synonymous with over-the-top displays of affection. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.” – Unknown

2. “Today is Valentine’s Day, or as men like to call it, Extortion Day.” – Jay Leno

o Huffington Post Comedy: Funny Valentines Day quotes by comedians like Jay Leno, Jon Stewart and David Letterman: borrow from the best!

Top five funny Valentines Day quotes

4. We’ve done the hard work for you, compiling a list of our favorite destinations for funny quotes:

o Café Mom: Stuck in the doghouse on Valentine’s Day? Whether you just had a big argument with your love or blew all your money at guy’s card night, this site has the perfect funny quote to get you out of the doghouse.

1. And unfortunately, even greeting cards aren’t a safe bet. You can steal your favorite funny quote after browsing the different e-cards for inspiration!

Scribbling your card out last minute from one of your greeting card value packs? You’re in luck: here are our top five favorite funny quotes:

3. Laurence J. With all the sappy messages in Valentine’s cards, even the most genuine feelings can come off as insincere.

This year, add funny Valentine’s Day quotes to your card and let a little humor do the talking. Peter – “It’s better to have loved and lost than to do forty pounds of laundry a week.”

o Your go-to destination for witty, sarcastic and colorful quotes